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As an Importer, exporter, Manufacturer…: You can post your Buy & Sell Leads and also your Products with full description and Images and develop your business easily. You will have a personal homepage and Office on Wtleads So that you will be able to publish your products with images and specifications and also Selling and Buying Leads. By the way with the huge number of Freight Forwarders from all around the world that are member of Wtleads, You can easily find the best one for your Transportation needs. You can contact them directly or you can post your Transportation need as a Cargo Lead (Freight inquiry). By completing the Freight Inquiry form and when approved by Wtleads Control teams, Your Freight Inquiry will be sent in shortest time to the Freight Forwarders capable of doing your posted Freight Inquiry and your will receive many quotations and replies from them in an unbelievable short time So Do you know any other Portal like Wtleads so that You can do all of your businesses all in one place. Wtleads is proud to give all these services to its Users.

As a freight forwarder: You will have a personal homepage and Office on Wtleads So that you can post and show all your Freight Rates, Inquiries, to other companies. Wtleads also give a service to the Freight Forwarders beyond their business. We believe that Freight Forwarders also need to Buy or Sell some equipment or any other products for their business time to time. You as a Freight Forwarders also will access to Sell and Buy Leads Forms so that you can post your buy and sell requirements .Your company will receive Cargo Leads (Freight Inquiries) Matched with your services. All the Cargo Leads published by Business companies and other Freight Forwarders will be sent for you if matched with your covering countries. As a Freight Forwarder you will have access to that active business companies and will be able to contact with them and increase your business more and more.
Wtleads modern system will match all the published projects and distribute them automatically among the companies so that in the shortest time the correspondences and negotiations among the companies will be started and Wtleads is proud of creating such a portal for World Business.

If you are active in the field of Importing, Exporting, Manufacturing, Freight Forwarding, Transportation, and Logistics … so it is time to join to this biggest Business Community.

Wtleads does its best to be the best Source of World Business Information center and its progress is unbelievable and with high speed.

In order to have most accurate information on Wtleads , Wtleads Expert Team always control the information publish by Users and every Buy Leads, Sell Leads, Cargo Leads(Freight Inquiry) published by Wtleads members are approved or rejected in the shortest time and approved information will be available as soon as approved by Wtleads Control Team. Controlling this quantity of information is very hard but we do it because we believe in accurate information.

Wtleads.com is a community of world transportation companies in one side and business companies in other side and every day we have much companies join to this community. So do not hesitate and Join now.

Wtleads Mission is to develop the Global E-Business among the World companies all around the world. Our goal is to help the companies to globalize their business and make them busy in their business all the time. We try to pave the way for all companies of the world to develop their business with lowest cost and in the shortest time.

By Wtleads communicate with world business effectively and efficiently.

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